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Hi there! My name is Quincy Kanayo. Welcome to The Sewing Solutions page. Thank goodness you are here because I have such an exciting news for you.

TheQEffectz Sewing Solutions is coming to Facebook Live Stream and I am inviting you to be a part of it. It promises to be fun, entertaining and educative.

It’s time to take the stress off and relax…You’ve earned it… You’ve worked very hard this month and have made lots of amazing stuff. It’s time to take a breather and join in the fun with other fashion designers from across the world.


Solving Sew Problems

The main objective of the show is to attend to the cries of fashion designers; to give them the opportunity to share their problems live on the show and get immediate response and solution. A problem shared is a problem ALREADY solved.
We will also be looking at issues in the sewing and fashion designing industry and getting your thoughts on it. You can either leave a comment below the live stream, send a whatsapp message or call into the show

Call No is +23408119904763.

To educate and enlighten

I have been sewng for customers and mostly for myself for 15 years. And in all those years, I have picked up some tricks and tips that could change your sewing game forever. Tricks and tips that will make you into that formidable designer that everyone wants to do business with.

The live show will also afford us the opportunity to invite guests in the business of fashion designing to share more lights in their area of expertise and also some well needed trade secrets.

Adverts & Promotions

The show will also give designers the opportunity to showcase their goods and services. Want to promote a training you have coming up? You can do that on the show. Want to resell your sewing equipment quickly and get a customer almost immediately? Do that on the show. Because its a live stream, anyone from any part of the world can get connected and be part of the show. And they will know instantly what you are about and what you want to share or resell or buy. To see how you can promote or showcase your products and services, please click here.

Games, rhymes and quizes

Win lots and lots of amazing prices through the games and quizes we will be playing on the show.

“So you see why you should consider making the live show your only priority for 2pm?”


The Live show for now holds every LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH but you can totally change that and make it as frequently as you want by becoming one of our gold sponsors. Learn how you can become our sponsor.

The duration of the show is 2pm-3pm WAT


What are your sewing problems?2pm- 2.20pm
Win something(Games & Quizes)2.20pm- 2.30pm
Adverts & Promotions 2.30pm – 2.40pm
Sewing Situations(Let’s hear your thoughts)2.40pm- 3.00pm


STEP 1: Send me a Friend Request if you are not yet on my Facebook Friends’ list or use the FOLLOW button on my profile page to follow. Even though anyone and everyone can be a part of the show, only friends and followers can be notified once the show begins on Facebook.

STEP 2: Click on the notification as soon as it appears on your screen to join the show. Or visit my Facebook profile and click the play button to join the chat.

STEP 3: Leave your questions, observations, conversations or thoughts on the comment section or simply call or send a WhatsApp message to +234 811 990 4763 . Your call will be answered Live on the show and your messages read live as well

What better way to reach out to new customers and potential clients than during a Live show? Unlike other forms of advertisement, broadcasting is known to generate 91% of instant patronage due to the immediate attention it creates. So you stand a better chance of reaching out to your targeted audience during the live show. Afterall, they are the ones the live show is for. So the wait is over. Take advantage of the golden opportunity to meet your target audience and start making money instantly from your products and services.

Step 1: Pay the advertising and promotional fee of N200 per product or service
Step 2: Send proof of payment and images/photos/ promotional text of your products and services to TheQEffectz Whatsapp Portal- +2348030971467
Step 3: See the comment section during the Live show for new and potential customers/clients.
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