Hi Sew lover!

It’s my pleasure to announce that our old sewing/patternmaking tutorials will now be available on our “Sewing Resources Page” here on the Q effectz, although they are gradually going to be updated from time to time. So you know all those tutorials that seem to have disappeared from our site because we changed “base”(see why, HERE), well try visit the “Sewing resources” page on our menu from time to time and you’ll find them there.

 Even though, we are still going to be having our weekly tutorial every Monday here on the Q effectz(See HERE to check them out), creating a page for these old tutorials seemed a lot more easier than reposting them here all over again. More interestingly, you get to have them as yours by simply downloading them to either your mobile phone or PC to be used at your convenience and at free or affordable prices.
Isn’t it so much better than burning your data every now and then simply to get these tutorials? Now you can have them in your pocket(mobile phone or PC) and can be able to share them with whomever you please.
However, please be warned that every material now available here on the Q effectz has been copyrighted here in Nigeria, meaning THEY ARE THE Q EFFECT’S PROPERTY thus you do not have the right to reproduce, duplicate or sell any of these materials, articles, tutorials, videos or images. To do any of these is an infringement to our copyright, an offense punishable by law.
So I’m begging you guys. I love you all so much that is why I am doing all I can to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to sewing, pattern making or diys. So imagine how heartbroken it will be knowing that all these efforts were taken advantage of. I mean if this is done to you, how would you feel? If everything you’ve labored for was adopted, reproduced and duplicated as someone’s property, how would you feel?
By now, I’m sure you all can attest to the fact that every thing done here is authentic, real, genuine and original. It may not be perfect, but they were done from scratch, from our own ideas and incentives. So don’t you think it will be pretty sad to know some one else has chosen to simply copy them and make them theirs?
So please, I beseech you guys once more, do not replicate, duplicate, reproduce or sell any of our work here on the Q effectz. They mean everything to me. Simply share them or invite your friends to be a part of it.


 For Pc users

On, the Menu right below the “the Q effectz logo”, click on “Sewing Tips/ Diys“. When you do that, there will be a drop down menu with two options: Online tutorials and Sewing resources.

Click on “Sewing Resources” and you will be led to a page with a bold title “Sewing resources”

When you read through and scroll to the bottom of  the page, you will find a table containing all the sewing tutorials, videos, photos , diagrams and articles ever written on this site and you can go ahead and “view/download” on anyone that interests you.

Please note however that the page is currently being updated and will be updated from time to time, so don’t freak out when you don’t find the tutorial you were hoping for or you can go ahead and leave a comment on the tutorial, video, article or photo you are yet to see on our sewing resources page and we will do our best to bring it to you.

For mobile users

When you visit the Q effectz home page,  you’ll see the “menu icon“-three horizontal lines on “the Q effectz logo”, click/tap on it and a drop down menu will be displayed.

Click/tap on “Sewing Tips/Diys” and you’ll see a drop down menu just below it with two options: Online Tutorial and Sewing resources.

Click/tap on “Sewing resources”
And you’ll be led to the “sewing resources page”

Then scroll down to check out the sewing resources/downloadables table, click/tap on “View/download” to view or download the materials available.

As earlier mentioned, please bear in mind that these resources are still being updated so you will have to return from time to time to check them out.

Also included in this page will be everything a tailor, seamstress or fashion designer needs; how and where to get them will also be included. So if you are a newbie/beginner or just someone that has an interest in sewing or making clothes, then you will find all that you need on this page.

This is what the Q effectz is all about and we hope to give you the very best in everything sewing, diy or pattern making. If however you have any queries or questions to ask, please leave them on the comment box below and don’t forget to let us know if you have any difficulties in downloading our tutorials, articles, videos or images.

Also, don’t forget we have our E-patterns trending right now, HERE, so go check it out and learn more about how E-patterns can make your sewing, particularly cutting out of fabrics, a lot more better.

So till next time on more information here on the Q effectz, enjoy the rest of the week and oh! Happy new month.

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