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Welcome to today’s tutorial: How to make a wrap skirt pattern

Wrap skirts also known as Envelope skirts are skirts, which-just like their counterparts, wrap blouses/ maxi dresses-form a wrap in front which creates an effortless slit at the front of the skirt for easy movement. They’ve been styled into dresses for both corporate and casual look and can be made from both stretch and non-stretch fabrics.

See similar:

 I’ll be showing us how to make a pattern for it. Then perhaps next week, I’ll be showing us how to sew it. Also coming after will be a tutorial on how to sew a wrap maxi dress to be made available here. So feel free to share this post and don’t hesitate to invite your friends.
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Now to the main event


1. 4 Pattern papers: Which could be plain paper, newspaper, cardboard, or wrapping paper
2. High-waisted skirt: which could be either long or short but as long as it is high-waisted
3. Pencil/Pen/Marker
4. Ruler
5.Measuring tape & tracing wheel
6. Body statistics


To begin a wrap skirt, unlike our regular tradition of making the front piece first, we will begin with the back piece instead. 
1. Making the back piece: Take out one of your pattern papers and fold into equal halves. Fold your already made skirt as well, into equal halves and place it on your pattern paper. Trace all the sides 1.5 inches away from the already made skirt to the length you want your wrap skirt to be and your back piece(still folded into equal halves) will look like this:

Because your skirt is folded into equal halves, the body length represents only 1/4 of the full body/waist length.
When you open your back piece, it will look like this:
In the case of a wrap skirt, your 1.5″ seam allowance will also serve as zip allowance(incase you plan to put your zipper at the side instead of the back(see how to put zip allowance at the back, here) from the body to hip(as highlighted in the diagram above). So mark it out on your back piece with your marker/pen.
2. Inserting darts: To insert darts to your back piece(read more about darts, here), fold back your back piece into equal halves and measure 4 inches away from the folded area and mark. Like this:
Next, measure 0.5″ inch on both side of the dart point you have made and mark. Then measure 4.5″ from the dart mark downwards, like this:
Next, draw down a dotted line from dart point to the 4.5″ mark and straight lines from the 0.5″ points to the 4.5″ point, like this:
With your tracing wheel, trace this dart to the other side of your paper. When you open up your back piece, it will look like this:

3. Making the Front Piece 2: To make the Front piece 2, Place your second pattern paper not folded on your tracing table. Then fold back your back piece into equal halves and trace all the sides including the darts, on your second pattern paper. When done, your front piece 2 not folded in equal halves will look like this:

Mark out also the zip allowance.
4. Making the Wrap Piece(Front Piece 1): To make the wrap piece(which can also known as the front piece 1), lay out your third pattern pattern(not folded in equal halves) on your tracing table and then place your back piece(also not folded in equal halves) on it. Measure an inch away from the right dart at the top, like this:
Next: From the bottom of the right dart, measure 2 inches from the bottom downwards, like this:
Then from the inch made at the top, draw a line slanting to meet the new point at the bottom of the back piece, like this:
Trace out that line and the rest of the back pieces on your third pattern paper using your tracing wheel, like this:
When you take off your back piece, your wrap piece will look like this:
When you place your front piece 2 under your wrap piece, they will look like this
5. Making the band: To make the band, take out your fourth pattern paper and fold it into equal halves of 2.5″ wide. Measure 1/2 of the length of your body/waist on it and mark. Add 1.5″ to it on both ends and your band(still folded in equal halves) will look like this:

So tada!
Our wrap skirt pattern.
Very easy, isn’t it?


So make sure you keep a date with me come next week because I might be teaching us just how to sew this skirt. Tutorial on how to make a wrap blouse and dress pattern will be made available, here. So keep watching that space to have these tutorials straight in your mobile phones, pcs/laptops.
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So till next time on another tutorial, keep sewing!!!

“All things are possible, to him who believes”- Mark 9:23




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