So here on TheQEffectz, we do not only teach how to make and design outfits, we also teach you how to make bags, crafts, shoes, jewelries and so on. We are the full package!.

And as part of the training this session, I am going to be teaching the students of TheQEffectz Advanced Class how to make this satchel Ankara handbag from start to finish.

Cool right?

It is a bag I made by combining Ankara fabric and leather together.

So if you are not in any of TheQEffectz online classes this session, better luck next time!. Unfortunately, registrations for this session are closed. See here to learn more. To stay updated on when our next session will commence, please subscribe to our website now. Subscription is free.

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Our online classes are not limited to local students alone. We offer training services to both local and international students. See here to learn more.

In the meantime, feel free to go through our various class syllabus here to check out the various courses we offer. Currently, we offer;

  1. Pattern-making courses
  2. Sewing courses
  3. Diy courses
  4. Crafts(Knitting and Crocheting)
  5. Bag-making
  6. Shoe-making
  7. Jewelry-making

And so on.

By the way, do you know that you can request for any sewing tutorial you want here on TheQEffectz? Simply visit here to make your request now. Although, do note that only members of TheQEffectz Sew Community or Subscribers of TheQEffectz Website can have their request granted.

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So till next time on more juicy updates here on TheQEffectz, kisses!


 1. How to make a Breast-padded six pieces blouse- Pattern & Sewing Video tutorial (Preview/ Download)
2. How to make a wrap blouse- Pattern & Sewing Video tutorial (Preview/ Download)
3. How to make a Lace embroidered padded blouse(with side peplum)- Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial (Preview / Download)
4. How to make a net-padded peplum blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
5. How to make a net-padded pleated blouse pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) ( Preview Download)
6. How to make a Shawl-collar peplum jacket pattern(Pattern-making tutorial only) (Preview / Download)
7. How to make a padded off-shoulder six pieces dress with fishtail (Sewing and Patternmaking tutorial) (Preview / Download)
8How to make a pencil trousers for Clients( Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial)( Preview/Download)
9. All Sleeves tutorial (Sewing and Pattern-making tutorial) (PreviewDownload)

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