Hi sew lover

Breast pad, breast pad, breast pad!

Can somebody say Breast pads?lolx

This is the literally the song of every Nigerian sewist, tailor or fashion designer. Here, in this part of our world, you can not be taken seriously as a good seamstress or dressmaker if you do not know how to make breast-padded outfits. Now that is a fact

Am I right?

I mean, its a necessity.

This is why in TheQEffectz Intermediate Class, we have made it our business to train our students on how to make breast padded outfits using various pattern-making and sewing techniques which include but are not limited to:

  1. How to make a breast padded bodice using Shoulder Princess seam/dart
  2. How to make a breast padded bodice using Armhole Princess seam/dart(see tutorial here)
  3. How to make a breast padded bodice using Neck Princess seam/dart (see tutorial here)
  4. How to make a breast padded blouse using already made breast cups (see tutorial here)

I did not only teach how to draft out these bodices but also how to sew them from scratch to finish. I was also able to give a free lecture on the Shoulder Princess seam/dart in TheQEffectz Sew Community.

Not a member of TheQEffectz Sew Community? What are you waiting for? Visit here to learn all about it.

BTW…this community is now opened 7 hours everyday except Sunday; from 8am to 8pm. So feel free to join us and get immediate help when you need it.

But anyway, with these out of the way, I thought to myself:

” why not write an ebook on drafting breast pads using all the various methods of Princess seam?”

This ways sewists will be able to have access to all the information they need about drafting breast-padded bodice. After all, there are no detailed information out there ,on how to make breast padded bodice using the various methods of princess seam except Princess seam via armhole. Thus, this tutorial will not only make things easy for sewists especially beginners who have just graduated as Intermediate sewists, but also for intermediate sewists who are not yet familiar with all the methods.

More interestingly, the ebook should also be able to answer the question of where and how to apply each method and what size of bust is necessary for what method.

So after several days of drafting and writing, here it is…

“Cutting breast-padded outfits using the various method of Princess seam”.


(Using the various methods of princess seam)

Product category: Pattern-drafting tutorial

Skill level: Beginner & Intermediate

File format:. pdf

File Size : 3.36MB

Author: Quincy Kanayo Okojie

Company: TheQEffectz

Date released: 21/05/2018


You can call it “All about breast pads” for short if you want. To download the short version, simply click on the “Download now” button above.

Note that this tutorial will be made available for free for only 5 days.


Yeah! so tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends.

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So till next time on more freebies, kisses!

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