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Welcome to today’s free tutorial. Okay, so you remember how I mentioned I was gonna show you guys how to cut a six pieces skirt without using a pattern i.e using freehand cutting? 

Well here is it.

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So with all that out of the way, let’s get into today’s tutorial.


For those who do not already know, a six pieces skirt is a derivative of six pieces dresses, blouses etc. It is a skirt that is partitioned into six parts with flares beginning at the knee and stopping at the bottom

This type of skirt is mostly worn as asoebis, bridal dresses, formal wears, etc.

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  1. Fabric of choice( Depending on your hip/ skirt length, this may range from 4-6 yards. See here to learn how to determine the right amount of fabric you’ll need for any style)
  2. Body measurements: The body measurements needed in this tutorial are
  • Waist: For the sake of this tutorial, let the waist measurement be 32 inches
  • Hip: Let the hip measurement be 40 inches
  • Waist to knee: 19 inches
  • Hip length: 10 inches
  • Skirt length: 40 inches

3. Cutting table

4. Scissors

5. Tailor chalk

6. Markers/Pen/Pencil


To illustrate the procedures, I’m going to using a piece of paper. This will serve as my unidentified fabric of choice. SO PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A PATTERN-DRAFTING TUTORIAL. It is a freehand cutting exercise. It is assumed that I am actually cutting out my fabric.

So let’s begin


To begin cutting out my fabric, I must first determine the size of each panel or piece for my six pieces skirt.

As already mentioned in our little introduction, a six pieces skirt just like a six pieces blouse or a six pieces dress consist of six pieces or panels. Each panel or piece can be determined by the hip measurement. Because the hip is the largest part of the lower part of the body, we are going to use its circumference to determine the size of each panel of our six pieces skirt.

Thus, kindly follow the procedures below to determine the size of each piece or panel.

  • Because a skirt consists of two parts- front and back pieces, we are going to divide the hip measurement by 2

40 inches ÷ 2 = 20 inches.

Thus this means that each side should be made up of 20 inches.

  •  As we should already know by now, each side of a skirt pieces skirt consists of three panels.  So we will divide the size of each side by 3

20 inches ÷ 3 = 6.7 inches approximately

Thus, this means each panel on either our front or back piece should make up 6.7 inches

  •  To always ensure accuracy as a tailor or fashion designer, it is advisable to always fold any piece of fabric into equal halves before cutting. This ensures that every side is cut equally. Thus to ensure accuracy while cutting out each panel or piece for both our front and back piece, it is necessary to fold each panel into equal halves. Therefore, we will divide the size of each panel by 2.

6.7 inches  ÷ 2 = 3.3 inches

Thus, this means each panel while folded into equal halves will have the size of 3.3 inches.

  • For the sake of convenience, it is appropriate for a tailor/fashion designer to include seam allowances, especially at the inseam and outerseam. This does not only ensure that all stitch allowances are taken into consideration, it also ensures that the outfit can be easily adjusted, in the case where a proper fit was not possible.

Thus, we will add 0.25 as in seam and about 1 inch to only the side panels of both the front and back pieces.

Seam allowanceMid pieces(in inches)Side pieces(in inches)
In seams0.250.25

  • What makes a six pieces skirt, dress or blouse is the flare that begins at the bottom. In the case of a skirt, its flare begins at the knee. Thus depending on how wide you want the flare to be, this can range from 5-10 inches wide. Therefore, we will add 5 inches to each panel folded in equal halves
Flare(in inches)Mid pieces(in inches)Side pieces(in inches)
  • Because it is assumed we are using a non-stretch fabric to make our six pieces skirt, we will need zip allowances for the mid pieces/panels of our back pieces. Thus we will add 1 inches to only the size of our mid back pieces/panels.

8.55 inches + 1 inches = 9.55 inches.

And that concludes how to determine the size of the six pieces or panels.


Spread out your fabric with the wrong side down on your cutting table and the right side facing up.


We will start first by cutting out the mid front piece. Fold one side of the fabric over; the size of which should be 8.55 inches

From the top, measure 1 inch and mark. Then mark out the essential body levels of a skirt which are: Waist, Hip, knee, and Ankle

This will serve as our waist slope.


At the hip level, measure 3.55 inches and mark.


Extend this mark to the waist and knee level.

Then draw a vertical line to join these points.

And then a slant vertical line from the kneel level to the bottom end of the skirt.


Measure 1 inch from the “Ankle level”. Curve the bottom as shown below


Cut out what you have traced and the mid front piece still folded in equal halves will look like this


At the top, make a waist slope as shown. To learn more about waist slope(please click here). Then cut

When you open up your mid front piece, it will look like this

STEP 10:

Fold your left over piece again. Place your mid front piece on it; folded end on folded end.

Then measure 1 inch from the non-folded end of the mid front piece on the fabric as shown

Trace and then cut out.

When done, your side piece(when unfolded) will look like this

Duplicate your side piece to create another . When done, all your front pieces will look like these

STEP 11:

With the front pieces of our six pieces skirt complete, we will continue to the back pieces. And just like the front pieces, we will begin with the mid back pieces, the size of which from step 1 is 9.55 inches.

Thus, fold the end your left-over fabric over; the size of which should be 9.55 inches.

Place your mid front piece 1inch away from the folded side.

Then trace all the sides of the mid front piece on it.

Cut and your mid back pieces(with the folded side cut through) will look like these

STEP 12:

The simply duplicate any one of the side pieces twice to create two more pieces.

And you are done.

The 2 side pieces and the mid back pieces.


Don’t forget to cut out a waist band for your skirt which should be the total length of your waist plus 2.5 inches.

So that’s it guys

That concludes how to cut a six pieces skirt without a pattern. Don’t worry, by the time you keep doing it over and over again, you’ll get used to it.

So I hope you enjoyed today’s free tutorial. Don’t forget that if you have any questions, feel free to leave them on the comment box below and I’ll respond to them as soon as I see them.

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So till next time for more free tutorials, kisses!

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  1. This website is absolutely the best thing I’ve come across online. God bless anyone who’s involved with this.I also can’t seem to find the link for a wrap skirt pattern. Thanks


    1. Hello Motunrayo,
      Thank you for your thoughts. To check out the free tutorial on how to make a wrap skirt pattern, please visit our freebie page(which contains all our free written n video tutorials for download) here


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