So why I was putting together my knowledge and research on “HOW TO USE AN OVERLOCK MACHINE” this week in TheQEffectz Intermediate Class( Learn more about this here), I stumbled on a very interesting fact that I think you should know as a sewist.

 As a domestic sewist, you do not need an overlock/serger machine to close your seam or create a professional finish. For commercial sewist, I am afraid this jedi-jedi does not apply to you. You still have to purchase an overlock machine-an industrial one for that matter-because of the magnitude of workload you handle, besides you must keep your work neat and professional.

For domestic sewists like me, what you actually need to close a seam without an overlock/serger machine is a “Singer” in your life, if you can not afford a Brother sewing machine that comes with diverse stitches. Just get a domestic Singer sewing machine and half of your problems are solved.

Trust me when I say, I’m right behind you jawe. I am getting a basic singer sewing machine next!

Apparently from my discovery, Singer is one of the most inventive sewing machine company and what I love most about them is their ability to take into consideration sewists who still use Vintage sewing machine, i.e manual sewing machine. I discovered that by simply attaching the ‘Side Cutter Presser foot’ to your machine(see video below), you can effortlessly close or overlock your seams.

Press Play➧➧

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this device anyway in popular Nigerian Online stores like Konga or Jumia. I even took a trip to Jiji and all those Reseller Online stores, but didn’t find any. So in case you’ve stumble on one anywhere in Nigeria, preferably online stores, please holla at your girl. I want one! I need one! Yes it’s that important.

In the meantime, I did find one on International stores. So if you are as desperate as I am, place an order for it on Amazon or Ebay. It is sold for as low as $7.99 , that is N2,878 on Amazon( as at the time of this post).

Another interesting fact I pulled off was that there is a way you can make zig-zag stitches using your vintage(manual) sewing machine for those who do not have electronic zigzag sewing machines.  It is by attaching what is called an “Automatic Zig-zagger” also created by Singer to your sewing machine

See video below

I was blown away by the possibility but unfortunately,  I also couldn’t find one in any of the Nigerian online stores. Because it is a very old device, perhaps we can find it in most antique stores around. So  once again, in case you find one before me, I look forward to reading from you. Please leave a comment on the comment box or send us a message via our Contact page.   But what if you can not afford to buy all these devices, what do you do? Good question! There are as a matter of fact, seam finishing methods you can use by simply using your regular sewing machine(be it manual, electronic or computerized) and these are:

  1. Clean Finish which involves closing both sides of the seam by folding them to the wrong side and stitching
  2. Bound edge: Also called Hong Kong seam finishing which involves using a bias tape to close the seams of a fabric.
  3. Pink Finish: This type of finish is mostly used for fabrics that do not fray easily. Something that may not be washed or worn a lot is best. It is the simplest finish that requires no sewing.
  4. Flat felled finish: This is mostly used for garments the see a lot of stress like pants and woven shirts. Look at your jeans – I bet you they have flat felled seams! It is a good seam for these types of garments because it is sturdy and durable. Also – this one is seen from the outside of the garment!

And so on and so forth. To learn how to do all these finishes, please join TheQEffectz Intermediate Class next session. Unfortunately, registration for our August-December 2018 session is closed.   But before I go, let me quickly mention that opportunities are still opened to those who would love to teach online and make more money blessing other people’s lives. See requirements here and Apply!


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