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Welcome to today’s free tutorialSo today, I’m going to be showing you how I made this Ankara Leather Pouch for my Tablet. You can check out more on our previous online tutorials here

Now back to the today’s tutorial
I know most of you might be wondering:
“Why bother making a Leather pouch when you can get one for as low as $15, i.e N5,000-N6,000 in a Phone Accessory Shop?”
Some of my friends had even asked:  “Quincy what are you using all your salary to do sef?
Well lolx, to answer your probing questions, my tablet was one that never came with a keyboard and to get a keyboard for it, was next to impossible. The only keyboards I could find in the market where those for ipads and when I called the manufacturers, they made it very clear that they do not ship to countries like Nigeria.
I mean I was disappointed. I almost gave up hope until I found a bluetooth wireless keyboard that could function with it and any other device for that matter. But the downside about it was, it uses cell-batteries and never came with a pouch. More interestingly, it was way wider than my tablet, so it could not fit into any tablet pouch I found.
So I decided I was going to make one hell of a pouch for myself.
As a blogger, I move around alot with my tablet so I can stay close to you guys whenever you need me. So having a new pouch that could house both my tablet and keyboard was very necessary.


1.Piece of Leather: This should be 2 x longer and wider than the keyboard. So I used 14.5″ wide X 11″ long pieces of leather.

2.  Ankara Fabric: We will need three pieces of ankara fabric. One will serve as the lining of the pouch, thus  must be the same length and width of the Piece of leather(14.5″ wide X 11″ long ). The second will serve as the front design of the pouch( 14.5 wide X 5″ long pieces). And then the third will serve as the Pouch handle- 6″ wide X 15 inches long.

3. Interface/Gumstay: To make the pouch thick, you’ll need an interface/gumstay, which should be the same length and width of the leather or ankara fabric.

4. Pieces of Carton: This is to serve as the pouch stand. You will need 5″ Wide X 14″  long.

5. Non-synthetic Snaps: You’ll need about 12 inches long of it.

6. Transparent Binding cover: this should the size of your tablet/ipad plus 2 inches. The size of my tablet is 10.5″ wide X 6inches long, so when you add two inches to both sides, you’ll have 12.5″ wide X 8 inches long

7. Glue: You’ll need glue. I used my top bond for shoes.

8. Scissors

9. Measuring tape and ruler

10. Pen, pencil/marker

11. Matching thread and Hand needle

12. Sewing machine


1. Designing the pouch: So before making the pouch, I wanted to add a little design to my leather piece. I wanted it to have some shades of Ankara right at the middle. So I cut out a piece of Ankara, 14.5 inches wide X 5 inches  long. Like this:
I measured out the middle length of the leather piece and marked with my pen.
 Next, I folded my Ankara piece vertically into equal halves and joined both sides, like this:

Next, I opened it, making sure my seam allowance is positioned at the middle. Then, I pinned both sides of the Ankara piece to the middle of my leather, like this:

Next, I stitched both sides of the piece to the leather. When done, it looked like this:


2. Making the pouch: To make the pouch, lay your pouch pieces together in this order:

  • Ankara fabric(which is serve as the linning of the pouch)-wrong side up.
  • Leather piece- Right side up.
  • Interface/gumstay-Glue side(shinning side) should face up as well.
    Like this:
Then stitch all sides of the three pieces together, leaving 2.5″ of the stitch undone
When done, turn your pouch inside out through the 2.5″ hole left un-stitched and your pouch will look like this:
Right side up
Wrong side up
Stitch around the ends of the pouches. When done your linning, your pouch(with the linning now laying flat in) will look like this:
Wrong side up
Right side up
 3. Attaching Non-synthetic snaps: Next, cut out 2″ long of your non-synthetic snaps and attach each part to the top and bottom of the pouch, like this:

4. Attaching the Transparent binding cover: You know all those transparent binding cover used to bind books, Take out one of them and cut it the size of your tablet/Ipad but add two inches to the length and width. The size of my tablet as explained in our requirements is 10.5 wide X 6″ long . So add 2 inches to those width and length. My transparent binding cover was 12.5″ wide and 8″ long.

Next, cut out a 2 inches wide X 12.5 long pieces of fabric.
The purpose of this piece is to stitch the top and bottom of the binding cover so that we can easily attach it to our pouch. So fold both sides of the fabric piece and place first the top of your binding cover and stitch. Like this:
When done, your binding cover will look like this:
Next, place it on the side of the pouch you want your tablet to be and stitch only the top and bottom of the cover on it. Like this
 Note: I used my tablet to be sure I got the right position. Do the same, if you are not certain.
 When done, your binding cover on your pouch, will look like this.
Place your tablet/ipad  in it to be sure it is it tight and secured. Make sure it is tight. Repeat the process if it is not.
5. Attaching the keyboard: Because my keyboard uses batteries, it can not be permanently attached to my pouch like most keyboards for ipads. Using it requires the easy removal and change of batteries when they wind down. Thus I have to attach my keyboard in such a  way I can easily remove it. But these keyboards are made with plastic. It’s impossible to glue plastic to fabric(well unless you try to burn the plastic). Also, even if you were able to find that special glue that can do the impossible, it means that your keyboard will have to be permanently stuck to the pouch.
Which in every way defeats the possible of having a battery keyboard.
So the problem was, how do we attach the keyboard to the pouch without permanently gluing it?
And here is the trick.
Underneath most devices/ accessories, there is always a label spot, which is made of paper. Somehow, the manufacturers were able to glue the label to the accessories making it almost impossible for the label to fall off unless they are peeled off.
Thus we are going to use that label spot to attach our keyboard to the pouch since it is very easy to glue plastic to paper. Luckily for us, our non-synthetic snaps are make of plastic.
Therefore, to do this, start by marking out the spot you want your keyboard to stay on the pouch, by placing your keyboard on the pouch and marking out the spot with your pen
Cut out  2.5″ of your non-synthentic snaps and attach the one with teeth to the pouch, like this:
Then take out your glue and brush  some of it on the label spot under the keyboard. Like this:
Then place your non-synthetic snap(without teeth) on it and gbam! it glues….
Allow it to dry of course and then you can place your keyboard on the pouch. With the help of both snaps, it will attach easily to the pouch. Unless pulled off, it stays in place.
So we had not only succeeded in attaching the keyboard to the pouch, we had also succeeded in making it detachable. So anytime I want to change my battery, all I have to do is pull my keyboard out of the pouch, change the battery and then snap it back to the pouch.

6. Attaching the pouch stand. Every pouch has a ‘stand’ that helps hold the pouch when it is opened. So to make a pouch stand, take out your Ankara pieces and cut out 6″ wide X 15.5″ long piece of fabric. Also cut out a piece of carton,same size.

Fold your Ankara piece into equal havles and stitch both sides together like this:
 Through the un-stitched hole, turn it right side out.

Fold your carton paper into equal halves and place it inside the stand pouch, like this:
When done your stand’s pouch with carton within, will look like this:
Place it at the back of the leather pouch(which should be where the tablet rests), and stitch
Match on the right side to keep the stand flat on the leather pouch
So with your tablet inside the pouch, the stand will help keep it upright.
So that’s it Sew/craft lovers on today’s tutorial
I hope you enjoyed it. Please if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or have a request you wish to see here on the Q effectz, kindly leave them on the comment box below or fill our request form here.
So till next time on another tutorial.
Keep sewing!
“Get to a point in your relationship with God where being away from Him, His words and His Presence frightens you”- SincerelyQ

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