How to Slash & Spread Using Computer Patterndrafting

Hi Sewlover,

Okay, so as you already know by now, I’ll be giving my final training class for year on Telegram- Computer Patterndrafting for Beginners.

I’ve received alot of questions regarding it like:

  1. Can we draft electronic patterns using mobile phones
  2. What is the point and even benefits of learning computer patterndrafting
  3. Since I don’t have a laptop or desktop computer, is it necessary for me to learn it?
  4. How long will the training last
  5. Is there a certificate after the training?
  6. And so on

Well I am here to address these questions and provide answers

Question 1: Can we draft electronic patterns using mobile phones

Answer: Funny enough, Electronic patterns can be drafted using Mobile phones. However, you will need to install the mobile applications of the patterndrafting software. The best I can think of at the moment is Adobe Illustrator but unfortunately, not only do these apps lack the full functionality of its PC counterpart, they are not as open source and free to use. In my class, we will be using the free 2D patterndrafting software- Valentina or Seamly2D and these softwares do not have mobile applications

Questions 2: What is the point and even benefits of learning computer patterndrafting

Answer: The benefits of learning computer patterndrafting are too numerous to mention.

  1. Knowledge is never wasted: We are in a technological age where everything is literally eloping from “Manual construction” to Electronic creation. As a fashion designer, you will also notice that even sewing machines are getting more computerized so that sewing can be made easy and convenient. It’s just so unfortunate that our country Nigeria is still slacking behind. But nevertheless, there is no way you’ll hope to have a future in fashion designing if you do not get on board with the trendiest and latest ways of creating and designing clothes. No knowledge is a waste.
  2. Cost efficient & economical: One of the greatest advantage of creating electronic patterns is that it is very cost efficient. Alot is often involved in physical pattern-drafting, i.e you spend alot of money buying the tools you need as well as the materials. e.g pattern-drafting papers and tracing papers. But with computer pattern-drafting, no cost is involved except printing papers. Even the pattern-drafting software is free.
  3. Saves time: If you’ve ever drafted patterns physically, you will agree with me that it is the most time consuming and exhausting way of designing clothes even though the stress is worth it. This is why most sewists do not attempt it all though. They’d rather use freehand cutting and risk wasting theirs or customer’s fabrics. And this is where computer patterndrafting can help a great deal. For a working mum like myself, who rarely find the time to cut fabrics talk more of sew them, computer patterndrafting helps me great deal. It keeps busy during my spare time and helps me use those moments to draft, print and assemble. Then as soon as I’m home, the sewing commences.
  4. Quick & Easy correction/ adjustment: What makes patterndrafting exhausting sometimes is the testing and readjusting. You will have to draft and draft and draft….Phew!!!!!lolx. Anyway, that’s also where computer patterndrafting can help a great deal. It spares you the stress or repeating your drafts in the case of a mistake and readjusting. All you simply do is go back to your saved project on your desktop/laptop and make the necessary correction. Sweet! Right?
  5. Can be saved for future use: Patterns created using computer patterndrafting can be saved on the cloud or drive for future use and also in various electronic formats, like pdf, svg etc unlike physical patterns will can cluster room space and can be easily tampered with or destroyed. Also electronic patterns can be either shared or sold online afterall the internet is a global marketplace, unlike physical patterns which have a very low market recognition especially here in Nigeria.
  6. Improves creativity: In less than a month, I have discovered so much using computer patterndrafting. No jokes. I have learnt new ways of drafting patterns and designs and I can not wait to show you. So make sure you are part of my training class this December. Click here to learn all about it.

Speaking of benefits, here is a video tutorial of how you can even Slash and Spread using Computer Patterndrafting. Well like I said, anything is possible with Computer Patterndrafting. The Sky is the limit!

Question 3: Since I don’t have a laptop or desktop computer, is it necessary for me to learn it?

Answer: Oh yes. If you can get one or borrow to use, then I’ll suggest that you do so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to learn this now. This is something you may not be able to avoid in the future because you see, the world is rapidly changing and to succeed in this venture of ours, you will need to change with it. Also, unfortunately, you may never get the chance to learn this at such an affordable price. Think I’m lying? Then do a quick research on our subject matter and see how much others charge to learn this.

Question 4: How long will the training last

Answer: Two weeks tops! This is because the festive season is around the corner and I do not want to burden my students with classwork at that time. We should all be free of obligations to celebrate the festive seasons with our lovedones. Plus, alot of fashion designers will need to concentrate on delivery services to their clients and customers on time.

Questions 5: Is there a certificate after the training?

Answer: Oh no. The training is merely for beginners. There will be a Master Classe in the future for intermediate/expert sewists. Until one partake and completes the Master Class, a certificate can not be given.

And that’s it guys!

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions regarding the subject matter. If however, you do have more questions, please feel free to leave them on the comment box below.

Remember, the training class commences December 2nd to December 14th, 2019.

Time: 7pm- 9pm GMT-1 Lagos time.

See requirements for the training here.

Price: N8,000 or $22.50 . International visitors are advised to visit here to learn how to pay in USD.

Also remember that Early birds will get our Xmas Promo discount of 37.5%. See here for the coupon code. Don’t know how to use coupon code? Contact us.

So till next time for more updates, kisses dear!

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