The Polkadot Collection- My designs

Hi sew lover! Happy New year! Welcome to the year 2020; the year of jollof!!!! hehehehe. And of course, I remain your humble servant- Quincy Kanayo.

How was your holiday nau? Hope you had a fabulous time with your family?

I hope you also made lots of outfits while at it? Please if you did, kindly tag me on Facebook or Instagram or simply share them on TheQEffectz Sew community on telegram. I would really love to see them.

I made a collection from a polkadot fabric I bought weeks ago before Christmas. So as soon as office closed for the year, I jumped right into it and made three beautiful outfits from it.

Click play below to watch the video of the collection or keep reading.

Breakdown of The collection

Dress 1 was the dinner dress I made for my office’s end of year party; I sketched, patterned and stitched the outfit all by myself. It was an asymmetrical wrap one sleeve dress; beautiful for my new baby bump and buttocks.lolx

Dress 2: The button down dress.

This dress is perfect as an office or casual wear. Interestingly, it can even worn as a jacket or kimono

Dress 3: The peplum bottom dress.

This dress is a strap/spaghetti dress with a peplum bottom. Hubby couldn’t take his eyes off when I wore this dress. It’s the perfect dress for late night outings like dinner for two #winks or even partying.

So these are the outfits I made sewlover.

Which of these is your favorite?

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