Introducing “Design and Contouring”

Hi sewlover!

So we have discovered a new fashion designing skill called “Cloth Contouring” and we are going to be including it in our Intermediate Training Class this year. For those who do not know, I will be taking the intermediates on an intensive training class this year. Last year, we made 2019 all about the beginners and gave you an opportunity to be part of our online training that lasted for three months on our Telegram platform. This year will be solely about the intermediates.

But before I dive into all the details about our forthcoming training classes, let me give you a few information about this new skill “Cloth Contouring”

Cloth contouring like its name suggests, is the art of fitting garments or outfits to the wearer’s body shape or form. It is more detailed than “fitting” itself because this process can be done before or after the outfit is made. That is, during the pattern-drafting or sewing stage.

Now, there are so many ways that you can contour an outfit or pattern and these include:

  1. Breast-padding
  2. Hip padding
  3. Shoulder padding
  4. Smocking
  5. Shirring

And we will be looking at how to do all of these in TheQEffectz Intermediate Class this year.

Also included in the course are:

  1. Fashion Sketching: So as we all know, you can not really be considered a fashion designer if you do not know how to translate your style ideas. And one absolute way to do so is to know how to make your own fashion sketches. Personally, I think its about time you start creating your own designs. Instead of coping others, its time they copy you. So we are going to be looking at how to do this, this year on TheQEffectz Intermediate class via The Design and Contouring Course. So you will not only learn how to become confident with your own designs but also how to draw a Croquis, How to draw a moving fashion figure, How to add clothing styles and designs to the fashion figure
  2. Draping: I’m also going to be teaching you how to drape this year using a dress form.
  3. 3D Design: Included also in this course is how to draft and sew Orgami outfits.
  4. Applique & Embroidery: Also, this year, you will learn how to create and add Applique and embroidery designs to your outfits.

And so much more.

So please visit here to see the rest of the courses and their outlines. Do note that all courses are subject to a 10% discount from January 5th to March 31st, 2020. So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts.

Pricing varies based on courses so please visit here to see course pricing. International intending students are advised to visit here to see pricing in USD($)

Other courses include:

  1. Pattern-drafting for Intermediates
  2. Sewing for Intermediates
  3. Crocheting
  4. Business and Enterpreneurship

While registration for the courses will end May 31st 2020, Classes will commence June 6th, 2020 to end October 7th, 2020.

All Classes will be held on Telegram.

See requirement for Participation here.

How to register for the course

  1. Visit here
  2. Select “Design and Contouring” in the registration form.
  3. Click “Submit”. You will be redirected to a payment page
  4. Select your prefered payment option. You can pay via bank cards( in either naira or USD), Bank/Wire transfer and/or Paypal( in USD only)
  5. Pay
  6. Send proof of payment to TheQEffectz Whatsapp/ Telegram and you’ll be added to the class.

For more information about our online classes, please contact us or call/whatsapp TheQEffectz whatsapp/telegram customer service via +2348030971467

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