[Free tutorial alert!] HOW TO MAKE ASOEBI DESIGNS BOOK 1

Hi sewlover

Welcome to this week’s free tutorial and we are going to be looking at how to make a pattern for these two outfits. Yup! the two of them and I can not wait. By the way, for those who are like: “Haba nau Quincy when will you treat us to some sewing videos…we are tired of patterndrafting and patterndrafting…”

lolx….believe me, I wish I can do something to change the scope. I have my hands full with recordings and editing because I’m preparing for the Intermediate classes this June.

Remember I told you guys last time that we will be having an Intensive training classes for Intermediates this year? Yup! so I’m currently recording and editing the sewing, patterndrafting, design and contouring, business and entrepreneurship classes. So the only time I have is for patterndrafting lessons since they can be easily illustrated than sewing,

So if you want to be part of my sewing lessons, make sure you sign up for the sewing course in TheQEffectz Intermediate training this year. Registrations are still on and will be on till May 31st 2020. Do note that the 10% discount we will be giving for early birds will only last till March 31st, 2020. So make sure you take advantage of the opportunity while this offer still lasts.

Courses available include:

  1. Patterndrafting
  2. Sewing
  3. Business and Entrepreneurship
  4. Design and contouring

To register. please visit here.

See pricing for each course

See how to pay

See how to pay in naira

See how to pay in USD.

So see you in class.


As we can see, we have two outfits we are going to be drafting out patterns for. So for the sake of this tutorial, I will divide the dresses into dress 1(the style on the left) and dress 2(the style on the right). And as always before we go straight into drafting out patterns, we dissect the outfit in our minds and put them back together.

Dress 1

From our photocover, style is obviously:

  1. An off the shoulder gown
  2. With Bogus sleeves and long sleeves to the wrist
  3. The bodice of the gown is Breastpadded using Princess seam from the neck
  4. The outfit is obviously made from lace, hence from a nonstretch fabric which suggests that there must be a zipper at the centre back

Dress 2:

  1. This is also a sideslitted gown
  2. The bodice of the outfit is also breastpadded
  3. A cape runs from one side of the front and back bodice to the waist
  4. A peplum cape also runs from the centre front and back of the skirt part of the outfit to the side seam

Now we have a faint idea of how outfits look, let’s piece them back together.

Click on the photo or titles below to check out the individual tutorials of both outfits.

Feel free to leave any questions you may have about them on the comment section.

Want these outfits in your own custom body measurement or that of a client’s?

So till next time on more juicy tutorials, kisses!

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