Hi sewlover

Welcome to today’s free tutorial and I’m so excited to show you how very easy it is to make your very own(custom) dress form, using a mannequin. Most of the videos online only show how you can use yourself or a preferred model…but the question is

  • What if you do not have a model?
  • What if you are too “fat” to use yourself…… like the current me…lolx?
  • What if you do not have anyone to assist you?

So this tutorial demonstrates how you can make your own dress form without any of the above requirements. All you need for the project is:


  1. A male or female mannequin: You can either borrow, rent or buy one.
  2. Duct tape: This should be 2 inches wide x 45 inches long. Although, you may not need all of it. You are more likely to find it in Building Accessory stores. They are mostly sold by plumbers. They cost N2,500/ $6.90 USD in my vicinity. Hopefully, they’ll cost less in yours.
  3. Plastic film for food wrapping: You can find this in Bakery stores/ shops. Although I used an old shower cap I had lying around.
  4. Polyester fiber: You know those stuffings that they use in pillows? Yeah that one. But if you can not find any or can not afford them, foams, scrap fabrics and papers can serve as substitutes
  5. Carton paper: You can easily find this of course in Grocery/provisions shops.
  6. Stand: You can get scrap ones from Electronic shops. I used the stand from my old standing fan.
  7. Scissors
  8. Pen/Pencil/Marker

Now, one of the major reasons I decided to throw this tutorial is because of the forthcoming online training for Intermediates that is scheduled to hold from June 6th, 2020 to October 7th 2020. One of the major topics in the Design and Coutouring course is “Draping”. And as a tutor, I realized it would be extremely difficult to teach you guys how to drape when you do not have a dress form to work with.

So I am hoping that with this tutorial, you will not only be able to make one for yourself but also be able to take part in the training this year without any further financial burden. However, biko if you have the money, please feel free to purchase the real thing.

Registrations for the training classes are already in progress to end May 31st, 2020. Early birds get a discount of 10%. This offer will only last till March 31st, 2020

Please see here to check out the course outline and time schedule.

To register for the training, please click here.

See requirements for participation.

See how to pay in Naira

See how to pay in USD

Now, to learn how to make your very own dress form, please press play and do not hesitate to leave any questions you have on the comment box below

Happy sewing!

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Hi, I'm Quincy, a fashion designer, gist and story writer...Welcome to my blog.I hope you find a home here...kisses!

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