Hello sew lover,

So the outbreak of the Coronavirus has kept us in doors. My city is literally under lockdown as we speak and the rate at which the virus is spreading is alarming. It’s crazy guys… I hope you and your loved ones are safe and are abiding by the precautionary measures laid out; which include but is not limited to:

  1. Washing your hands always using soap for atleast 20 seconds or the use of hand sanitizers when you can not reach a soap or water.
  2. Maintaining social distancing. Standing or sitting at least one meter from the other person
  3. Wearing facemask to protect yourself from the virus or to keep others from being infected by virus
  4. Sneezing and coughing directly into your elbow or use tissue or wipe. Please ensure you discard the used towel or tissue immediately into a “Closed” trashcan and wash your hands immediately or use hand sanitizer
  5. Staying at home to keep you and your loved ones safe.

You know it still feels like a dream that all of this is happening. But everytime I turn on the television and see the death tolls and infection rate, the reality of it all hits me like a boomerang.

So guys, please keep you and yours safe as best as you can and never lose faith that God is able to wipe all of these a way. There is absolutely nothing too difficult for Him to do.

But anyway sewlover, I’m here to quickly inform you that you can make the best of our current circumstance.. i. e the lockdown, self isolation, stay at home regime or self quarantine by investing your time wisely.

Personally, I think this is the best time to improve on your sewing skills now that you have less distractions. During this time, you could:

  1. Learn a new skill… like Fashion illustrations, virtual drawings, computer pattern drafting, couturing. Etc Aspects of fashion designing that you may have been putting off due to time management or varied activities.
  2. Attempt more complicated styles. You remember that style that you’ve always wanted to make? Now is perfect opportunity to try again and nail it.
  3. Promote your business: So instagram is literally booming with so many ads. Local fashion business are using this opportunity to promote their businesses…to let people know what they do. Do not be left out. Take a moment to look through your work gallery and pick out the best videos or photos that best tell what you do and promote it. On social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can promote your business for as low as $3. Right here on TheQEffectz, you can also promote your business for as low as N1000 per post. To learn more on how to promote your business here on TheQeffectz or social media, please send a WhatsApp message to +2348030971467
  4. Start up a Fashion collection: You can totally start moving your fashion ideas from your head to paper or sketch books. This way, your ideas will become more realistic to you. You will of course need to know how to sketch out your ideas and we here at TheQEffectz can also help you with that. Just send a whatsapp message to +2348030971467

So make sure you do not while away this opportunity to become a better sewist/ designer

By the way, you can also totally sign up for our Computer Patterndrafting class anytime and from any location you are. Luckily Computer patterndrafting is one course that do not require

  1. Pattern papers: You wouldn’t need to go anywhere to purchase papers to draft. Or if you have them, you wouldn’t need to use them. So you can save them for other projects.
  2. Tracing papers : Same as above
  3. Patterndrafting tools: To draft patterns, you need tools like straight rullers, curves, sellotape, pen. Pencils etc. Tools that can cost you quite alot to buy. But with computer patterndrafting, you do not need any of these.
  4. Drafting table: You will also not need a drafting table to draft your sewing patterns. Depending on your type of pc, you may not need any table at all.
  5. Standing all day or night: Patterndrafting can be tedious and extremely time consuming when working with paper. Thus, computer patterndrafting saves you from all that

Well, there are so many benefits of learning this skill(I can go and on about them) but I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Register now for either our Starter course(recommended for home users) or Full course( for industrial users)

Please visit here to see the course outline and pricing

Also see here for requirements and participation

To register, please click here

International intending students should please note that they can pay for any of these classes in their country’s currency. Click here to learn more.

See demo video classes, here

For more questions or enquiries, please call/whatsapp +2348030971467

So till next time for more updates, stay safe and wash your hands always.

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Hi, I'm Quincy, a fashion designer, gist and story writer...Welcome to my blog.I hope you find a home here...kisses!

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