Hello sewlover,

A couple of days ago while teaching one of my students from Canada, Computer Patterndrafting, an idea struck me.

What if I draft a 3D sewing pattern using Valentina cad?

Is it possible? Can I?

I actually did a brief research on Youtube and Pinterest to see if anyone had attempted such a project before. Turned out that noone had and I was delighted because it meant that I would be the first to try and I couldn’t wait.

Of course, attempting such a project meant that I should have an experience in physical 3D transformation. Fortunately I actually did. I gave an Origami TR cutting class early last year free of charge to members of TheQEffectz Sew community. If you missed it, it’s okay. You can still download the full course here.

In that class, I taught how to make real life(physical)Origami projects using the Bamboo, Spiral and Vortex method. It was my intention to move further to Box integration, pocket integration and all that, but I never came around to it. A slack I plan to rectify soon

Nevertheless, I did try my hands on using my computer to draft the bamboo sleeves and it came out even better than I imagined.

So below is a video of how I did it. I also took the liberty to test the pattern for accuracy. Please click play to watch

To learn how to draft sewing patterns using Valentina cad, please visit here now to sign up for a class or send a whatsapp message to +2348030971467

So till next time for more juicy tutorial, kisses!

Published by Quincy

Hi, I'm Quincy, a fashion designer, gist and story writer...Welcome to my blog.I hope you find a home here...kisses!

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