[STAY AT HOME] Business ideas for Fashion Designers in Covid-19 period

Hello sewlover,

It’s been a while. How are you holding up in this Covid-19 period? I hope you and yours are doing great?

So as we all know, this period has caused a lot of businesses to be on hiatus for a while. It’s sad to say fashion businesses are packing up almost everyday because owners have not been able to come up with other ideas to grow and boost their businesses.

If you are one of those, don’t fear, I’m here to help.

There are so many other businesses that you can consider to boost your business in this trying times and they are:

  1. Online training
  2. Selling Digital Sewing Patterns
  3. Business promotion
  4. Online marketing

Online training: It’s incredible how the one aspect of earning money through fashion designing which was never taken seriously before now, as become one of the top ways of making money now in this Covid19 period. Teaching interested individuals how to sew online will not only boost your earnings, it will also give you the opportunity to diversify your business and learn more about yourself and your work.

Selling digital sewing patterns: You can make money from selling sewing patterns online. Digital sewing patterns are sewing patterns drafted using real life body measurements. They can be sold physically or online in digital formats like pdf,svg. To learn more about digital sewing patterns and how to learn how to draft and sell them online, please click here.

Business promotion: You can become a business promoter to help others manage and promote their fashion designing businesses in a way that looks safe and conducive for customers in this season. You could also help others to run ads, make flyers and posters, social media marketing and advertising and so on.

Online marketing: At the moment, there are so many companies that are looking for marketers to help promote their products as well as build huge clientele for them. With your help, they can be able to accomplish this. So while others may be complaining about short in cash or income, you will be smiling to the bank to get your huge referral bonus or sales income.

So these are the brilliant business ideas that I believe can help you greatly in this season to stay afloat financially for both you, your family and your business.

To learn how you can do any or all of these, please feel free to hit me up via our Whatsapp customer number +2348030971467 or click here to chat now.

So the till next time for more ideas on how to become super….Kisses!


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