Don’t miss out on the discount

Hi sewlover,

So in two weeks, TheQEffectz Freehand cutting class will commence and we are going to be doing alot of projects like:

  • Off shoulder blouse
  • Button down shirt(unisex)
  • Aline blouse
  • Six pieces skirt
  • Circle skirt
  • Aline skirt
  • Peplum hem dress
  • Six Pieces dress
  • Etc

The main objective of these lessons is to ensure that you do not have any further cutting problems.

So this is literally going to be best online training experience on freehand cutting you will ever have.

The seats are selling out fast. Visit now to take advantage of the 20% discount while you still can. Offer ends August 2nd, 2020.

Classes begin August 14th and ends 31st 2020.

Materials required include:
1. Woven/knitted fabric e.g linen, ankara , jersey, cotton etc
2. Underlining(mp3,mp4,china poplin, aba etc)
3. Tailor chalk
4. Measuring tape
5. Patternmaster
6. Hip curve
7. Pins and cushion
8. Threads & Hand needle
9. Sewing machine
10.Pressing iron
15.Sketch book
18. Biastrip(where applicable)
19. Custom body measurements

To learn more about the Freehand cutting, please visit or call/whatsapp 08030971467

See you there!

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