About Online Classes

TheQEffectz online classes are fashion designing and sewing classes held on TheQEffectz “Telegram” Platform. They help bridge the gap between us and those who are unable to have access to our training services due to distance or location.

Training Classes

Our online training classes are divided into:

  • Regular Class
  • Special Class
Regular Class

TheQEffectz Regular Class is a section of TheQEffectz Online Classes that is held as a group class on telegram. It affords individuals to learn how to sew from scratch or to improve their existing sewing/ fashion designing skills. This class exists primarily for individuals who can cope with our defined schedule, duration and program. See more

Special Class

TheQEffectz special class is the section of TheQEffectz Online Classes that ensures that interested individuals learn how to sew and design at their own time and convenience. It is a class for individuals who live very busy lives but still want to achieve their dreams of becoming fashion designers or sewist at afforable cost. This class is recommended for

  • Working mothers and fathers
  • Working singles
  • Students
  • Pregnant and Nursing Mothers
  • Anyone who generally lives a busy life.

see more.

Requirement for Participation:

  • English Proficiency: Intending student must be able to understand, read and writer in English Language
  • No Race/tribe/religion restriction: Intending students from all race, tribe and religion are accepted for this training
  • No location restriction: Because this is an online training, students from different locations are welcome. However, lessons will be held local time (Greenwich Timezone+1)
  • Age restriction: Student must be between the age of 10 to 50 years old.
  • Skill/Qualification: This depends on the skill level available for training. Beginners are not required to possess any existing sewing or fashion designing skill
  • Mobile/Computer proficiency required: Student is expected to know how to use a mobile phone or computer as the case maybe.
  • Telegram application: Because the class will be held on telegram, student is expected to download and install the application for mobile or pc use. To download the application, please click here.

Training session

Regular class: Once a year

Special class: Anytime in a year

Training duration

The duration of the every class depends on the skill level:

Regular class: Beginner classes last 3 months while Intermediate lasts 4 to 6 months.

Special class: This depends solely on the student program and schedule. While classes for beginner can range from 1-6 months, those for intermediates can range from 1-9 months.

Courses and Syllabuses

The courses available to all classes include:

  • Patterndrafting
  • Sewing
  • Design and Contouring
  • Business and Entrepreneurship

To view the course outline/syllabus for all skill level, click on the download link below

  • Beginner: Download
  • Intermediate: Download


All classes are held on Telegram Mobile app.


The cost of training is based on the type of class, skill level and courses selected.

For more help or assistance, chat with a live agent

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