[Free tutorial alert] HOW TO MAKE A WRAP CAPE JUMPSUIT

So today we are going to look at how to make this wrap cape jumpsuit and as always, we will begin by first understanding the outfit. This way, we will be able to correctly draft out a pattern for it.

Don’t miss out on the discount

Hi sewlover, So in two weeks, TheQEffectz Freehand cutting class will commence and we are going to be doing alot of projects like: Off shoulder blouse Button down shirt(unisex) Aline blouse Six pieces skirt Circle skirt Aline skirt Peplum hem dress Six Pieces dress Etc The main objective of these lessons is to ensure thatContinue reading “Don’t miss out on the discount”

Did I tell you about Freehand Cutting?

Hello sewlover, So in a couple of weeks, I will be giving a public training on Freehand Cutting on telegram. The training is going to last for three weekends(Friday, August 14th to Sunday, August 31st, 2020) For those who do not know what “Freehand cutting” is, it is that method of cutting that involves creatingContinue reading “Did I tell you about Freehand Cutting?”

[Free tutorial alert!] HOW TO MAKE ASOEBI DESIGNS BOOK 1

Hi sewlover Welcome to this week’s free tutorial and we are going to be looking at how to make a pattern for these two outfits. Yup! the two of them and I can not wait. By the way, for those who are like: “Haba nau Quincy when will you treat us to some sewing videos…weContinue reading “[Free tutorial alert!] HOW TO MAKE ASOEBI DESIGNS BOOK 1”

TheQEffectz 2020 Sewing Competition: Coming in August

Hello sewlover, It’s finally here! TheQEffectz Sewing Competition is here again and it’s going to be one of the biggest fashion designing competition of the year. For the past three years I have been putting it off due to one unforseen circumstance or the other. But now we are ready to set it off andContinue reading “TheQEffectz 2020 Sewing Competition: Coming in August”


Hi sewlover, How are you doing? And how is the Covid19 situation at your end? Well at my end, it’s starting to ease up a little bit…hmmm that’s not true. It’s actually easing up gravely. Everything seem to be back to normal except from the fact that you can’t really move around without a faceContinue reading “[Free tutorial alert!] HOW TO DRAFT AN ORIGAMI SPIRAL BODICE WITH VALENTINA CAD”