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The Polkadot Collection- My designs

Hi sew lover! Happy New year! Welcome to the year 2020; the year of jollof!!!! hehehehe. And of course, I remain your humble servant- Quincy Kanayo. How was your holiday nau? Hope you had a fabulous time with your family? I hope you also made lots of outfits while at it? Please if you did,Continue reading “The Polkadot Collection- My designs”

[New e-Pattern Alert!] WRAP RUFFLE DRESS e-PATTERN

Hello Sew lover! Compliments of the season! It’s going to be Christmas soon and I am so excited to inform you that you can now download the sewing pattern for this outfit from TheQEffectz Store.


Hi sew lover! Happy weekend. So from now to anytime in a year, you can register for an online class on Computer Pattern-drafting as a beginner. For those not familiar with the term, Computer Patterndrafting is a pattern-drafting technique that involves drafting patterns with the use of a computer system. These patterns are drafted usingContinue reading “COMPUTER PATTERNDRAFTING FOR BEGINNERS”