Freehand Cutting Class

-The MasterClass-


August 14th-30th 2020 (Weekends only) 7pm CAT

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👉🏼Are you a newbie fashion designer looking for a way to learn how to cut clothes?
👉🏼Or do you lack the confidence to make clothes for others because you do not know how to cut?
👉🏼Have you had bad experiences cutting clothes for your self or customers?
👉🏼Has your fashion designing business been running at a loss because you can not cut certain styles?
👉🏼Are you looking for a One-for-all working solution to all your cutting problems?
Then make sure you do not miss the training class on “Freehand Cutting” coming from August 14th to 30th, 2020.
Book a slot now to get 20% discount off the original cost of N2,500/$8.25USD. Offer valid till August 2nd, 2020.

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Original Price of N2,500

Since time immemorial, freehand cutting has been the traditional method of cutting styles and designs. This method of cutting has been passed down from generation to generation as it is one of the most economical ways of creating designs.
It involves drafting out designs and styles directly on fabric and cutting them out. Via this method of cutting, all dimensions, style lines, seam allowances are drafted straight on the fabric. This method of fabric cutting is however mostly used by experienced sewists and fashion designers.

So in this course, you will learn:

✍🏼How to take accurate body measurements for freehand cutting
✍🏼Principles of freehand cutting
✍🏼Freehand Projects
1. Simple blouse
2. A-line Blouse
3. Off shoulder Blouse
4. Pencil skirt
5. Circle skirt
6. A-line skirt
7. Six pieces skirt
8. Peplum-hem dress
9. Six pieces dress
10. Button down Shirt(Unisex)

What you will get in this course:

👉🏼All lessons will be in video format, i. e mp4
👉🏼Classes will be held on Telegram
👉🏼Additional fashion designing tips and ebooks
👉🏼100% guaranteed and trusted methods in freehand cutting.
👉🏼Q and A session
👉🏼Assignments & Tasks

Requirements for Participation:

  • English Proficiency: Intending student must be able to understand, read and writer in English Language
  • No Race/tribe/religion restriction: Intending students from all race, tribe and religion are accepted for this training
  • No location restriction: Because this is an online training, students from different locations are welcome. However, lessons will be held local time (Greenwich Timezone+1)
  • Age restriction: Student must be between the age of 10 to 50 years old.
  • Skill/Qualification: This class is opened to All skill levels. However, students are expected to already know some basic sewing techniques and finishes like:
    • Sewing techniques: inserting darts, zippers, understitching, interfacing etc
    • Finishing: attaching bias, machine-roller hem, french seam finishing
    • Don’t know how to do any of the sewing techniques or finishes, click here to get started
  • Mobile/Computer proficiency required: Student is expected to know how to use a mobile phone or computer as the case maybe.
  • Active email address: You will need an active and easily accessible email address to book a slot for the class.
  • Telegram application: Because the class will be held on telegram, student is expected to download and install the application for mobile or pc use. To download the application, please click here.
  • Woven fabrics: These are fabrics that have no elasticity, i.e they do not stretch. e.g Chiffon, linen, cotton, calico, muslin , ankara etc
  • Sewing tools & equipment: These include a Sewing machine, french curves, hip curve, straight ruler, measuring tape, scissors, matching threads, thread cutter, matching zippers.

Additional information:

🌼 All Offers and Promos end August 2nd, 2020.
🌼 Proof of payment(photo/image/screenshot) should be sent to TheQEffectz Whatsapp customer service +2348030971467
🌼 For more info or enquiry, call or whatsapp 08030971467

13 thoughts on “Freehand Cutting Class

  1. So nice and great,my only challenge is that I current don’t have money ,it hurts when opportunity great as these pass me by!!
    I pray that the eyes of those participating be enlighten,


  2. Quincy dear is dis program a beginner’s package?

    Since I have so much interest in learning hw to sew, so I probably need to start from a grassroot level.

    Tanks you answer will mean so much to me?


    1. The class is opened to all this is because there are even intermediate and advanced skilled sewists who do not know how to cut styles without patterns. So it doesn’t matter what skill level you are. Both beginners and intermediates are welcome.


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